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Computers and Tablets

Whether you're setting up a home office, heading off to college in the fall or just kitting out your family with a new PC, we've got you covered from chairs to Hertz: with everything from the most ergonomic desk chairs for hours of comfortable sitting and the most powerful industrial-scale workstations to the most lightweight, affordable netbooks in the world, we list thousands of deals across your favorite brands from hundreds of America’s best retailers..

For staying connected with your friends, family or colleagues across the world there are deals on Skype phones that’ll allow you to utilise unlimited free calls, beam signed business documents across the world instantly with fax or feel like you’re right there with your loved ones through Apple’s FaceTime on their revolutionary iPad tablet computers..

And when it comes to peripherals, we’re not on the periphery: we’re right there for you. We can help keep your precious new devices safe, clean and secure with any one of the cases, bags and sleeves we have on offer. With the smartest mice, sharpest monitors and the best and most cost effective printers from world-recognised brands such as Hewlett-Packard, EPSON and Kodak you’ll be able to print everything from sheer black-on-white documents to gorgeous, rich-coloured full-page glossy photographs.

That’s just the beginning: we can help you find DVD writers to store your data, scanners to capture important items, external hard drives from Seagate and Western Digital to secure all your data with, super-fast wireless routers to seamlessly beam data throughout your office or home, and...