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A Mattress normally has a life-span of 8-10 years if you have maintained it well by regularly turning it, vacuuming it and airing it. It is worth investing in a good mattress with a supporting structure and as much padding as you need. The continuous coil mattress is the cheapest option because it is made from a single looped wire but doesn’t last as long as the pocket spring ones, which are sewn into individual fabric pockets. Another popular choice is the open coil mattress, which are made of single springs fixed together by wire. If you suffer from any joint pain or find it difficult to get comfortable opt for the memory foam mattresses. These mattresses use heat to mould to your shape and therefore cannot be used to with an electric under blanket. If you are allergic to dust mites, a foam or latex mattress can be the perfect choice. There is also a range of mattress protectors or toppers available. Suppliers include coopbedshop.co.uk, Argos and John Lewis.